The Fremont’s Executive Chef Jim Lemaire hails from just a bit north of Springfield, all the way up in Alaska! In fact, it was the involvement with fresh food in Alaska during his formative years that ignited his passion for food. The US Army, however, taught him his craft, turning his love of food into a career. His time in the Army is among his personal gold stars, although he has also shared tales of cooking in 60 below weather (apparently he was stationed at the Wall!), cooking in a State Prison, and living to tell about both!

After 40 years in the industry, Chef Lemaire believes the thing that makes a chef is a passion and attention to detail paired with strong managerial skills. To him, a 5-star plate consists of quality ingredients and a pleasing arrangement prepared with care and served with heart.

While basil is Chef Lemaire’s ingredient obsession, he likens himself to turmeric- colorful and bold, yet healing. He also volunteered that desserts are his favorite thing to make, considering them an exclamation at the end of each meal!

The Fremont is thrilled to have Chef Jim Lemaire at the helm of our culinary department! His expertise and creativity bring exciting flavor and spice to each meal for our residents. Each dining experience is more memorable than the last thanks to him and our incredible culinary staff!