Advanced Memory Care Training

Our team is trained in effective communication strategies to determine how to respond to any limitations that a resident may have in being understood. We focus on empathy and study techniques for managing through behavioral challenges and redirection with the goal of engaging each resident in meaningful ways.

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Caring by Understanding

Empathy is more than just the “caring for grandma” mentality. We believe genuine care begins by understanding and experiencing life through the eyes of residents.

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Enhancing Understanding

Residents with Alzheimer’s or other dementias are typically unable to communicate their needs. We take special care to understand residents’ verbal and non-verbal cues and ensure we are communicating to residents in ways they understand.

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Personal Care

The Ultimate Virtue

It is said that patience is the ultimate virtue and we couldn’t agree more. By combining communication, empathy, understanding, and patience, our goal is to provide the highest quality personal care to residents with memory loss.