Our team is trained in effective communication strategies to determine how to respond to any limitations that a resident may have in being understood. We focus on empathy and study techniques for managing through behavioral challenges and redirection with the goal of engaging the resident in the program to rediscover purpose.

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We utilize cutting edge technology to monitor safety and health, focusing on small changes that would otherwise go unnoticed in the day-to-day care routine. By doing so, we can make proactive, targeted changes to a resident’s care plan. One key to utilizing technology effectively is to ensure that it is unobtrusive and as invisible as possible.


Memory care events have a unique design. Each day is a series of structured mini events that our residents participate in. A typical day starts with breakfast and flows into activities like outdoor gardening, exercise, therapies, or even outings beyond the cottage. By creating a standardized routine in this manner, we are able to adapt when a resident is more active or feeling interested in other pursuits.

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Asking Why Not

At a certain point in the progression of memory loss, people start assuming their loved one is beyond help – this is the new normal, and it’s hard, but it won’t get any better. Those same people are often surprised by the level of engagement achieved in our memory care cottages. Instead of saying “Mom can’t,” we instead ask “What if mom can?”